Tips To Maximize Perfect Woman Breast Cream Results

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What kind of results can you expect from Perfect Woman Breast Cream?

This differs from person to person, but the main reason women choose this breast enlargement cream is to increase size, and firm and tone the breast area. For some women it works quicker than for others, but you should start to see some results within the first 30 days. The following are just a few simple ways that you can get the best possible natural breast enhancement results.

Tips To Maximize Your Results

1. Don’t give up after just 1 month.

The first thing to remember is that you won’t achieve maximum results in just one month. I know it’s not exactly cheap at $100+, but that’s what you can expect to pay for a quality product that produces results. So how long should you use it for? Well on the website they recommend anything from 3-9 months, but 9 months really isn’t necessary (and is also quite expensive). Most women achieve maximum results at 3-5 months, so either go for the 3 month or the 5 month supply.

2. Avoid caffeine

For best results, it is recommended that women refrain from taking food or beverages that contain caffeine when using breast enhancement products. Caffeine counteracts the balance of your body and hinders breast growth. It also has a diuretic quality that hinders your body’s ability to supply enough water to your body (water that is needed to supplement breast tissue). This water is needed to supplement breast tissue.

3. Try some breast massage

It is recommended that you apply the cream once per day, after your shower if possible. You can apply the cream immediately, or after doing some simple breast massage. If you use the cream in conjunction with proper breast massage technique, you could further increase the size of your breasts (or at least speed up the results). Rub your hands together to warm them, take some massage oil (any massage oil will do), and start massaging in circular rubs. Do a minimum of 100-300 rubs – this should take about 10-15 minutes – around 2 seconds per rub. Once your massage is done, apply the cream as normal. Breast massage will improve circulation in the breast area, helping the breast receptors to easier pick up what they need to grow.

4. Do some breast exercises

Perfect Woman breast cream is excellent for firming the breasts (and increasing size), but you can lift and tone your breasts even more with some simple exercises. Breast enlargement exercises won’t make your breasts bigger, however toning the chest muscles can improve the whole bust area and make them appear shapelier. Check out the following video for some toning exercises that you can do at home:


Remember tips 1 and 2 are the most important – it’s not necessary to do breast massage or enhancement exercises to get good results with Perfect Woman breast cream. Still, if you can set aside half an hour every day, and you really want to make the best of your breasts then it could be well worth the effort!

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