Natural Ways To Increase Breast Size

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Some women really do suffer from the small size of their breasts. They feel impaired when they compare themselves to other women and sometimes those negative feelings can add up until they develop the symptoms of a serious depression. Natural ways to increase breast size are available and there is a high demand for them, but can you trust them? How do they work?

First let’s take a look at how breasts grow in the first place. During puberty, a woman’s body produces natural growth hormones and estrogen. Those hormones cause the mammary tissue inside the breasts to grow. At the end of puberty, the body’s natural production of those hormones ceases and so the breasts stop to grow. Gaining weight or pregnancy may lead to a temporal increase of the breast size, but this effect vanishes when weight is lost or pregnancy ends.

So natural ways to increase breast size have to emulate the hormones that your body produced during puberty in order to have a permanent effect. Usually this is achieved by a mixture of different herbs that contain phytoestrogen which is the version of estrogen naturally produced by those plants. Some products may also contain bovine ovary extract as their source of the hormone.

The goal those pills and creams want to achieve is to reactivate the natural growth of your breasts. You should choose the product you want to use wisely. Some seem to be very cheap but turn out to be useless or even bad for your health. The higher quality products have no undesired side effects and may even contain further ingredients like vitamins that are beneficial for the growth and your general health.

Generally you should avoid products that promise extremely fast results. Just as in puberty your breasts take time to grow and so you should be patient to see results. Usually results will show up after 6 to 12 months, that’s why some products have a one year money-back warranty. Such a warranty shows that the product creators really trust their own creation.

It is recommended that you check for testimonials of other women. But be aware of the fact that every woman is different, what works for one maybe doesn’t for the other. That means that you shouldn’t give up if one product didn’t produce the desired results. Today’s products are of a much higher quality than those of the past, so even if you have had bad experiences with some of the natural ways to increase breast size then, it may be worth to give it another try.

When you are unsure whether your other physical conditions may cause problems with the ingredients of the product you are looking to buy, you should always talk to a physician first. There is a common misunderstanding that taking pills to increase your breast size may cause you to gain weight. As has already been stated this is not true, the ingredients have an effect on the hormone levels in your body and only cause the mammary tissue to grow.

Now you should have a basic understanding of how products that promise to increase breast size work. Pills seem to produce better results than creams, but that depends on the person. Some products are also offered as a combination of pills and a cream to apply directly.

As you can see if you are unhappy with your breasts, there are many alternatives to plastic surgery. Choose one of the natural ways to increase breast size and be patient, after some months you should see the first results.

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